Is it Time to Start Horsing Around?

  • Love Racing?
  • Love Punting?
  • Love Winning?
  • Not Getting Enough Time to Study the Form Properly?
  • Not Winning Enough?

Than YES!

It is Time to Start Horsing Around.

Okay So What is Horsing Around?

Horsing Around is an Australian Thoroughbred Race Rating Service. It does similar to what most punters do when trying to pick a winner. It reads all the available information from the chosen formguide and compares each horse's winning chance against all the other horses in the race. The big difference is that Horsing Around uses a computer and a set of rules to do this comparison. Hence it saves hours of tireless form study and allows the user to spend more time on the fun and more skilled part of punting. Deciding which horse(s), what bet type and how much they should spend. Yes Horsing Around puts the fun back into puntng by taking the hard work out.

This Horsing Around web site displays all the information that the Horsing Around Program uncovers and much much more. Each of the blue words just below the banner at the top of the page is a link to a different Horsing Around page.
  • Upcoming is all the upcoming races over the next few days. Clicking on any race takes you to a detailed page for that race.
  • Grid 5 is a quick view of the top 5 rated horses for all upcoming races.
  • Next is the next race to go.
  • Pro file is a list of horses with a big ratings lead over their opponents.
  • Flutter is a list of horses with a smaller but still significant ratings lead over their opponents.
  • Jock Chall is a Jockey Challenge guide where you can quickly see each ride a jockey has at a meeting and where they are rated
  • Trainers shows all upcoming runners for each trainer.
  • Jockeys shows every upcoming ride for each jockey.
  • Sires shows all upcoming runners for each sire.
  • Promotions is a special page that allows the user to enter a promotion code which activates a full subscription.
  • Etc Etc Etc. Just click on a blue link to explore.
To take advantage of all Horsing Around has to offer a user simply has to Register (link top right) and then subscribe (also top right). That is all there is to it so go ahead and put the fun back into your punting.

STOP! If you are looking for a Get Rich Quick Scheme then please GO AWAY.
Horsing Around is not and will never make that claim.
However if you are want to become a better punter and win more often than please read on.