What Does Horsing Around Do?

  1. Detailed Form Analysis Producing a Premium Rating Service Without Using Any Pre Post Markets. (THE HARD WORK)
    Horsing Around processes all the data associated with any horse race and comes up with a NUMBER that reflects each horses chances of winning the race. It uses:-
    • Jockey Strike Rates
    • Trainer Strike Rates
    • Record over the Distance
    • Record at the Track
    • Record on the Surface
    • Barrier
    • Racing Pattern
    • Class and Overall Form
    • Recent Form
    • Race Grade
    • Winning or Beaten Margin
    • Change in Weight
    • Race Location
    • Runs this campaign
    • etc. etc. and so on

    In Short, Horsing Around does what any average punter does when trying to work out the winner of a race, it studies the form. Except there is one major difference. Horsing Around gives each form factor a CONSISTENT equal weighting for every horse in every race, and then merely adds each weighting together to get an overall rating of each horse's winning chance. Using a consistent selection method means you avoid those frustrating times when you were going to back a winner but then changed your mind because the same reasoning process failed you last race. The "nearly backed it syndrome." Sound Familiar!
    Consistency is the KEY to backing more winners and Horsing Around is the KEY to Consistency.

    Please Note: Horsing Around does not use any Fixed Odds or PRE POST markets to calculate its ratings. Hence each horse's Rating is based on PURE form and nothing else. This removes the ENIGMA that most punters suffer from when assessing the chances of the longer priced horses.

    They tend to overlook them as a genuine winning chance based purely on their pre post odds.

    Horsing Around does not make this mistake. Check out the results page to see how many big exotics we regularly select.

  2. Giving the Punter More Time to Listen to the Experts.
    Listening to the tipsters and experts will often reveal things that the form guides will not (like unlucky horses last start, horses with limited exposure but unlimited potential, more accurate speed maps and jockey and trainer opinions to name just a few). Listen carefully, these people live and breath horse racing every day.
  3. Before Studying The Markets and Placing a Well Informed Good Value Bet. (THE FUN PART)
    Horsing Around saves the punter precious time by doing the form study for them and this gives them more time to spend on the most important stage in the betting life cycle. Studying the market. Getting good value from every bet is the key to a successful long time winning strategy. If you were betting on the flip of a coin and Tails was paying a $1.50 and Heads was paying $2.50 then you would back Heads everytime. You would not win on every flip but in the long run you would come out a winner. This is the same advantage successful punters look for when studying the market. If the top rated horse is paying a $1.90 and the second top rated horse is paying $12.90 then the astute punter will hedge his bets and come out ahead no matter which horse wins. The key to this strategy is rating each horse's winning chance accurately and consistenly and that is exactly what Horsing Around does.
  4. All For the Cost of a Newspaper.
    Horsing Around does not want to leave the punter broke before they have a bet (like other rating services). Horsing Around costs just $10 a week (the same amount an everyday punter spends on the daily newspaper form) and this gives them access to the Horsing Around Premium Rating Service everyday.
  5. While Still Keeping the Punter the Master of His Own Domain.
    Some punters think that following someone else's tips is somehow cheating. They like to study the form and pick their own horses, giving them a greater since of pride and acheivment when they back a winner. Using the Horsing Around Premium Rating Service does not change this anymore then using the daily newspaper form does. Punters still need to consider all the variables and make their own decision as to how they are going to place their money, Straight Out, Each Way, Quinella, Trifecta etc. All they are doing is using one more extremely valuable tool in this process.
  6. Horsing around is simply a tool which takes the hard work (detailed form study) out of racing and enables the punter to spend more time on the fun part of punting (Placing Winning Bets).
  7. It supplies two parallel services. You can download and print various documents pertaining to upcoming races (ideal for planning a day at the races or a Saturday with your mates) or you can view individual race details on our Laptop and Mobile Phone friendly screens (for a quick bet on the way home from work).
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