The Backyard

Horses with a proven record at the track, a proven record at the distance and rated in the top 3 chances by Horsing Around.


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What is This Back Yard Stuff?

This is a Horsing Around FILTER Page

It is very hard to win if you bet on every race but if you can come up with some selection method that filters out the races you bet on than you give yourself a better chance of coming out ahead. If you then use a staking plan with your filtered selections than you are really turning the odds in favour of you having a winning day and lots of fun in the process.

I like to use an 8 leg staking plan in a 2-2-3-4-6-8-11-14 unit sequence. That means it will cover 8 races at a maximum cost of 50 units.

ONLY bet on filtered selections that are paying $3 or above. Starting with your first betting race, bet 2 units on the selection. If it does not win then bet 2 units on the selection of the second betting race. If it does not win then bet 3 units on the selection of the third betting race and so on, slowly increasing your bet amount as you move along the staking plan sequence, until you back a winner or have lost 8 races in a row.

If you get a winner, then the $3 plus dividend is usually enough to come out ahead on the sequence. You can then either quit for the day while you are ahead or start a new sequence. If you lose 8 in a row then you are down 50 units so either quit for the day or again start a new sequence with your next selection. If you bet within your means than you will always be having fun.

P.S.For double figure selections I often bet each way (and if a selection runs second or third I adjust where I am on the betting sequence depending on how many units I am behind) otherwise it is Win only betting.